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Malibu is Odd


This weekend in Malibu…

Russell Simmons was with his new girlfriend, how cute, and… Kid Rock! Not only that, these two were at Paris Hilton’s house.

Maybe I’m just closed minded, but it seemed odd that these three, plus guests, were all chillin’ together.

Wow. Where’s my invite?!

Not only was it a celeb buffet, Paris played nice with the photogs!

The ever-generous Paris was concerned about the photographers on the beach in the heat and made sure they weren’t thirsty. She sent over a bucket of cold water to cool them off. In true Hilton style, it was no ordinary water. It was Bling H2O limited edition water!


malibu-1.jpg malibu-kidrock.jpg malibu-parisandkid.jpg malibu-russelsimmons.jpg malibu-paris.jpg blog_paris_party_0826_24.jpg