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Madonna Honored in Italy


It all starts out with them naming a street after you. Is sainthood next for Madonna? The home town of her grandparents is honoring her for her generosity to the victims of the earthquake.

Mayor Fernando Caparso poses in his office and with Giuseppe Mirandola, who is the son of the second cousin to pop singer Madonna, in the hometown village of the singer’s grandparents. The village is located within the province of L’Aquila where a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit earlier this week, leaving the current death toll at nearly 300 victims. Though Pacentro avoided damage, Caparso has decided to honor Madonna by naming a street after her following her announcement that she is donating $500,000 to the victims.

Did anyone else notice that her ‘cousin’ is wearing a sweatshirt from Michigan, Madonna’s home state? No? Just me? OK.

It is a beautiful town! I wonder if they are hoping for more tourists with the naming for the street?

Bauer Griffin

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