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Mad Men's Crista Flanagan Covers Playboy!

Mad Men Season 4 starts NEXT SUNDAY July 25th on AMC, and everyone is getting excited. Even Playboy is getting in on the action. Wait that didn’t sound right… hmmm.

Anyway, Crista Flanagan is gracing TWO covers of Playboy’s August cover AND a 60s inspired photo spread! Each of the two covers were inspired by Playboy covers in the 1960s.

Original 1960s covers

Can’t place the gorgeous brunette? She’s Lois, the switchboard operator.

Oh hello there Lois

Quite a difference!   And that fact wasn’t lost on Crista who didn’t see herself as “sexy”.

“Part of the reason I decided to get naked was because I was afraid, and I thought it was exciting that something has frightened me.

“I was very nervous about this, and I thought the only thing that would be embarrassing if I hated my body.”

“I’m a character actress. The parts I play, I’m usually a crazy heroin addict or a lunch lady. Nobody’s ever asked me to take off my clothes, or even kiss somebody.”

“I guess I haven’t been seen as a sexy person, and sometimes not even as an attractive person.

“I have to say, just for myself to go to a job and feel pretty, that was kind of cool.” [PC]

I think she looks great and I cannot wait for the inside photos to be released!  She is what Playboy should be doing more of.  You know, the girl next door!

What will the boys at Sterling Cooper think?

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