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Mad Men Sneak Peek episode 4 Directed by John Slattery!

Last week’s Mad Men was all sorts of random. For new year’s Don headed to California to see “Don’s” wife, who is dying of cancer and doesn’t know it. Joan and Greg were dealing with the uncertainty of him leaving to Vietnam. Lane and his wife seem to be splitting, so when Don got back, the bachelor party began, complete with hookers.

This week’s episode “The Rejected” is directed by John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling). It marks the entry into 1965, and the return of, Ken Cogrove! Not sure of the extent that he is going to be shown, but we learn he’s getting married and is still landing big accounts.

And if the commercials on AMC are any indication, there’s a diamond ring in Peggy’s future. Interesting…

Images and video via AMCTV

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