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Mad Men Sneak Peek: Episode 12 "Blowing Smoke"

It’s Sunday, so that means Mad Men. For tonight and next week, at least.

To get a sneak peek at TONIGHT’s episode “Blowing Smoke” click here!

With the title “Blowing Smoke” I would want to assume tonight’s episode is a reference to Lucky Strike leaving Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce. But I thought that he addressed that last week. AMC has this for us to chew on…

In the midst of a crisis, Don runs into an old friend.

The descriptions of the episodes are just as bad as the teasers at the end of the shows!! Who is this old friend? It can’t be Anna, may she rest her soul. Could it be, Rachel? Or perhaps, Hilton? It’s so hard to tell considering Don doesn’t have any friends.

So take a peek at this week’s episode. And don’t forget to join me at tonight’s Mad Men Live Chat!!!

Sally shows her mother how mature she is becoming in this sneak peek.

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