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Elisabeth Moss on her Emmy Must Have

The newly single Elisabeth Moss is NOMINATED for her role as Peggy Olson on Mad Men for the Emmy’s tonight. While we’ll be checking out her dress, and jewels, she has another accessory MUST HAVE!

“You always have to have a little protein bar in your purse,”

“The ceremony is like four hours, with the red carpet and everything – so it could be like a six-hour thing. And then it takes a while to get to the dinner afterward, et cetera. So it’s super-important to try to carry a little something in your bag. I sneak and eat it during the commercial breaks,” she explained to Parade. [via Celebrity News Now]

No kidding! Six hours without food? After weeks of not eating to look good on the red carpet? Oh honey, I’d need more than a protein bar.

So what is the hardest part of the whole red carpet experience for Ms. Moss? The JEWELRY!

“I remember wearing a ring once, I think, that was half a million dollars. And I was checking it all night long. I was pretty nervous about it. And the man came the next morning at like 9am and knocked on my door and took it back – it’s definitely hard to give it back!”

I guess it would be like Cinderella knowing the coach would be a pumpkin again at the end of the night. :-( I really hope that Elisabeth gets the nod tonight. Her role as Peggy Olson on Mad Men is MAKING the show worth watching. LOVE HER!

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