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Low Sodium Shopping (grrrr)

Recently, a family member of one of the bees was told she had to COMPLETELY change her daily diet. While the average American eats more than 4,000 mgs of sodium a day, the new guideline for her was no more than 2000mgs a day. (And with such fast foods as Subway’s 6″ Turkey sub has 1000 mg, Burger King’s Whopper has 1020mgs, and Rubio’s Health Mex chicken burrito with rice has even more at 1670 mg, eating “every day food” is now out of the question.)

So, as a favor two of us shopping bees went on a grocery run with the new dietary guideline, in addition to the lower-in-saturated-fat goal she already had.

No problem right? Afterall, that sounds like plenty of sodium. Boy were we wrong!

The shopping bees spent over 2 hours reading labels, and one bee wanted to throw a container of yogurt across the store. Frustration was coming out our pores and our eyes became so strained we didn’t want to read another label. We did end up spending about $100.00 on our 5 bags of booty but we were hoping for more.

Since we did all that work, we wanted all our readers to benefit!! It was hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it!

Every week now, the HealthyBees will be bringing you new Lower Sodium products and comparing them to what you may be already eating.

Happy Eating!

Busy Bees