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Look Who's At the Olympics! SPOILER ALERT!

Contributor Jon just sent this to us!!! EEEK!

“A photo my friend took today from his office out at the Vancouver airport. Looks like all the A-list people are arriving in town for the Games…”

U2 lands at the Vancouver Airport before the opening ceremony!

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  1. BOOM. You guys win for best spoiler! LOVE IT.

    xoxo j

    • Haha Thanks! Jon gets a cookie!

  2. i guess they are justy here to party! heading to Irish house to see if they are there now!

    • Let us know!

  3. I’ve been to the place hosting the Irish House many times (sad to say) and it’s APPALLING. If they have any pride at all, they’ll avoid it and go to the Irish Heather instead. Well, if they have any taste, either. Maybe the Irish House has raised Doolin’s standards, but I’ve sat through many a miserable night there thanks to friends who made me go.

    Better yet, they can come to my party at the Shebeen on Monday night. It’s an Irish Wake for a great Canadian bookstore that had to close.

    BETTER STILL they can play my bedroom. Oh, wait, there’s not room for all of them. Maybe just Bono.