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Lolita and the Vampire


Ms. “I love my boyfriend, Marilyn MansonEvan Rachel Wood, is in this month’s GQ. There’s something so very Lolita about her, and it’s kind of, um, not comfortable.

The article opens up with the reporter talking about watching the music video the MM and ERW did together “Heart Shaped Glasses”

a video of her having sex. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll admit it’s difficult to get that sort of thing out of your head, especially when there are rumors that the sex—which involves blood, strangulation, and a shrieking orgasm that sounds like something out of Hostel Part II—is real.

Yeah if you’ve ever seen it, it’s kinda… uncomfortable. Especially with that real sex rumor. blech.

She explains it this way

We made it for each other. I just wanted to show that it’s okay to have different, weird ideas about romance. At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood—and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life…

Even though ugliness can be all around you—you can literally be in a thunderstorm of blood—if you look past that, it really is just two people holding on to each other. And you know, the same thing with the sex scene. If you’re going to have a sex scene, that’s what it is. When you’re with someone and you’re in love, that’s usually what happens. It’s not always soft. Sometimes it’s somebody screaming or whatever.…

Um yeah. I like how she doesn’t address the idea that the bed in the music video, you know, where they’re having this romantic raining blood sex, is a copy of Dita Von Teese’s bed.