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Lohan to Work in Morgue

Lindsay Lohan at the cloverfield premier 16 january 2008

No this hard partying “actress” isn’t trying to get a new role. Her time in a morgue is to be for her punishment due to her DUI conviction.

Her two four-hour days at the morgue are part of a court-ordered program to show drivers the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. She must also spend two days working in a hospital emergency room.

Lohan was arrested twice last year on DUI charges and pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges. She has already served 84 minutes in jail as part of the plea deal.

I can only imagine what she’s going to smell like after being in the morgue. Well, just a little less yummy than her usual smoke filled plastic hair, and every day worn leggings. I’m sure she smells like roses.

I would hate to be that Medical Examiner having to be around Lindsay Lohan for four hours for two days. I’d rather be around dead people. I just hope that she doesn’t try to sniff the embalming fluid for a cheap buzz.

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