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LIVESTRONG will NOT be taking Astana Cycling


In response to a misunderstanding that Lance Armstrong’s cancer education foundation, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, would be taking over the Astana Cylcing team due to money issues, LIVESTRONG sent out this statement that you may have not seen.

Response to Reports on Astana and LIVESTRONG

by Brooke McMillan (LAF Staff)

Reporters yesterday got it a bit sideways and wrote that the LAF would take over the Astana payroll. Here’s what we told the Associated Press about that:

“Lance’s goal in returning to professional cycling is to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. The prospect of a world-class team joining the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign and driving the broader cancer message is incredible. While as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Lance Armstrong Foundation would not be able to fund the day-to-day operational expenses of a for-profit endeavor, we would certainly look for ways to develop a dynamic partnership to support the cancer mission and cancer survivors.”

And there you have it. It has to do with what non profits can do with the money they take in, and taking over the day to day bills of Astana is a no go.

That’s ok. I’m sure that there may be someone (*cough* Lance *cough*) might be able to help out with that. He has been known to donate winnings to his team…

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