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“Lindsay Stole My Fiance”


Ug… She’s only been out less than a week, and I am SOOOO over Lindsay Lohan already.

It seems that hot of hotness that LL’s been dating since rehab, Riley Van Giles, had a fiance. Super. Now that fiance is talking (and getting paid I’m sure).

Breanna Tierney sat down for a chat with the “National Enquirer” and she’s a little bitter.

Tierney met LL at a meeting at the Cirque Rehab center…

“She came into the meeting with Riley, and she comes over and sits next to me, being overly nice. She was complimenting me on my hair and trying to be my friend. It didn’t seem sincere at all.

“A few days later, I get a text message from Riley telling me he wanted to ‘take a break.’ I knew instantly it was because of Lindsay.”

Yeah it was all Lindsay, it wasn’t because Riley’s just a general goober who is incapable of making good decisions. It was ALL LINDSAY’S FAULT!!!

Want to know how Tierney knew the relationship was over?!?!
And where LL and Riley Hooked up???


She goes on to say how she found out for certain about their affair….

“But when he finally confessed to me that he had sex with Lindsay in one of the stairwells at Cirque — that was it, we were done.”

Yeah it wasn’t the drugs, or the DUI it was the sex with Lindsay in the STAIRWELL of the rehab center that ended the relationship.

OH! And liar Riley gave Tierney a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring and tried to pass it off as a real diamond.

Good luck LL, you have K-Fed 2.0