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Lindsay reads about Trust in a bikini


Ahhhh this is what I do when on vacation, first i go shopping for a new purse, and then I spread out on a grassy area (isn’t there a beach nearby in Maui?!?) and read my conveniently displayed book for all the paparazzi to see. Lindsay Lohan got her read on with Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Teal Book of Trust: How to Earn It, Grow It, and Keep It to Become a Trusted Advisor in Sales, Business and Life (click here). Man that was a mouthful.

Not that LL called the paps, but that book is just so over the top to be taking on vacation and reading while sunbathing with friends.

And, if I may say so, it looks like her sunless tanner needs a touch up. She’s a little blotchy on the legs. Don’t worry, LL, I get the same way. :-)

Go get a massage, and a detox wrap, and don’t forget the water. Lots of water.

More pics of Lindsay Lohan, her sister Ali and friends all sunbathing in their bikinis in Hawaii.


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