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Lindsay moves out!


Uh OH!   After the blow out Fridayat the JC Penny party for Charlotte Ronson’s I heart Ronson clothing line, Fame Pictures says that Lindsay Lohan has moved out of her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson’s house and into the Chateau Marmont.

Not only did Lindsay move into her old haunt, but there is said to have been a HUGE fight between her and Sam at the hotel.  So large that the police were called to break things up.

Didn’t Lindsay live at the Chateau Marmont before?  Wasn’t she BANNED from doing that again???

Who knows what’s going on with little miss and her family.  The pics are of Lindsay and her sister Ali after the police were called to the hotel.   Doesn’t she look like she’s having a fantastic time posing for the paps?

Fame Pictures

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