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Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer is a piece of work

Lindsay Lohan and her “mom” Dina out for milkshakes with the paps

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is determined not to pay for her actions, or inactions.  She has (allegedly) hired a fame seeking lawyer Stuart V. Goldberg from Chicago to keep her out of jail for violating her parole.  And from the looks of his website, Goldberg is used to working with clients with drug offenses.  So this should be a cake walk.

TMZ caught up with Stuart V. Goldberg outside of the The freaking IVY yesterday and asked him about Lohan.

When asked, he never said she had hired him, but that he’s “here to help”.  Does that mean that he’s not really involved but is just using Lohan’s name to gain recognition while in front of the Ivy talking to that paparazzi?  Yeah, let’s go with that.

Girl should just go to jail and get it over with.

Image via Fame

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