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Lindsay Lohan's Judge did the right thing

It’s about time Lindsay Lohan’s judge stopped giving her a break! Due to her, SHOCK, no show for her scheduled court appearance today in Los Angeles LL’s judge issued an arrest warrant for her. Oh, and she wasn’t taking any of of LL or LL’s lawyer’s tired excuses.

“There is no valid excuse [for Lohan not being here], Judge Marsha Revel countered. “If she wanted to be here, she could’ve been here. She could’ve come two days early from Cannes. She has a history of not keeping scheduled appointments.” [People]

DANG. Go girl! So not only will LL be arrested, but there’s a $100,000 bail set for her if she wants out. But it gets better.

If Lohan is apprehended and posts bail, the judge ordered Lohan to abstain from alcohol, be fitted with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, and be subject to random drug testing once a week. The judge suggested in court that Lohan’s tardiness could be due to drug use and there was “reason to be concerned.” [People]

I really hope we get a perp walk out of all of this. LL in handcuffs in the back of a squad car just like Paris Hilton. Bawling her over mascaraed eyes out.

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