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Lindsay Lohan's Breaks Out of Rehab For Coke

Lindsay Lohan wearing sunglasses, coca cola, script

Here’s an idea.  How about you try to escape from rehab for a soda thereby putting your rehab progress in jeopardy!  Sounds great to me.

Little miss Lindsay “it’s not my fault” Lohan did just that. LL and a fellow rehab client were wanting a Coca Cola really bad (or maybe wanting to break the rules just because that’s what they wanted to do). So what’s an addict to do? Crawl through a fence to the vending machine next door!


After they headed out and on their way, the duo were foiled when Lindsay’s new BFF got his/her clothes caught on the fence!

“Lindsay and her co-conspirator were forced to give it up and flag down a volunteer, who was crossing the center’s grounds on a golf cart,” a source, with knowledge of the situation, told

“The pair was safely returned, decaffeinated, to their hall, were they were the center of a process meeting over what they had done.”

There is no soda dispenser at the clinic where luxuries, such as caffeine and television, are strictly prohibited.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! You are not allowed caffeine in rehab??? Oh lordy please don’t ever send me there. GASP! Does that mean I SHOULD be there… NoooooooOO!!!!

Oh and check out the Lindsay Lohan loves her Coca Cola gallery below. Give me a break it’s a slow gossip day…

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