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Lindsay Lohan's a Slob


This little piggie when shopping… While Lindsay Lohan was getting her shop on yesterday in Paris, the police were being called to her home in LA. When your house is broken into and the cops can’t tell if it’s been ransacked or not, you might have a problem. And that’s just what happened to LL.

The alarm on her home had been tripped and the police were called automatically sent to the residence. When they got there they saw that a back window had indeed been broken, but, um, was the house like this before or after that call?

On Tuesday, reports the Associated Press, officers responded to a 3 p.m. call from a security company that the burglar alarm went off at the star’s Hollywood residence. There, officers reportedly discovered evidence of a potential break-in and what was termed a ransacking.

Only it wasn’t a ransacking – just a typical mess in the house, police tell the AP. The condition of the home prompted those on the scene to ask, “Is it normally like this, or did the intruders do it?” said Los Angeles police Officer Karen Rayner.

That’s pretty bad. She must have thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of clothes, purses and shoes all over the place, just being RUINED. I mean, “Is it normally like this, or did the intruders do it?” Can you imagine being asked that? I know I’m messy, but not so messy that anyone would think my home had been torn apart by a burglar!

Ug. More pics of LL and her little sister Ali, shopping for more things to throw on the floor in Paris yesterday while the house was being broken into, after the jump!

Bauer Griffin

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