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Lindsay Lohan's $1 Million Radio Gig?

Lindsay Lohan has a new million dollar job offer!

Now that she’s free from jail and rehab Lindsay Lohan already has a new job offer on the table.

LONG ISLAND based radio station Party 105 is offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Lindsay and her MOMMY MANAGER Dina to join it’s nationally syndicated morning show. Lindsay and Dina would talk about fashion tips and entertainment news. There is also an ADVICE hotline where listeners could call in and ask questions.

I don’t know if asking Dina and Lindsay life advice is the best idea. Unless it’s how to put the blame on someone else for being 12 hours late to a photo shoot, or how to make money off my children.

Mommy Dina did say that she wanted to get Lindsay back to New York once she was out of rehab, so this may a real possibility for them. And Lindsay doesn’t have a record in NY so that’s good for a fresh start.

Oh and more pics of free bird Lindsay Lohan driving her new Maserati to the doctor today, below.

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