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Lindsay Lohan Might BAIL On Rehab Because Of Cigarettes

lindsay lohan paris smoking

I try to stay away from celebrity rumors too much on here as of late, but this whole Lindsay Lohan going to rehab (and/or jail) fiasco is just something I have to talk about. Why? Because as a resident of California I find it both a breath of fresh air and appalling that our legal system is being exposed as the biggest waste of time. Uggg.

Apparently little red haired LL doesn’t want to go to the rehab center she’s signed up for. Why? Because she’s a spoiled brat and she can’t get her way. In less than a day, LL is supposed to arrive at Seafield Center in New York, but she’s looking to get out of it because they won’t let her smoke there. Uhhhh it’s a rehab center, and cigarettes are an addiction, right? Just like booze? Anyway…

Lohan is apparently throwing a diva fit and saying if she can’t have her ciggies like a truck stop waitress then, pshh, she’s not going. Nope she wants to go to Morning Side Recovery here in SoCal. Yeah, she went there a few years ago, too. See how good it is? (Coincidentally, I have been seeing more commercials for Morningside on my junkfood TV shows recently. Maybe they’re offering to comp LL’s “treatment” for exposure?) I do find it odd that she would be able to smoke at Morningside since you can’t smoke anywhere in Socal, not even bars.

Now, LL and her ding bat of a lawyer have not informed the courts in Los Angeles or Santa Monica that she may not be checking in at Seafield Center. Oopsie. But don’t worry, this is California, nothing will happen.

Image via ANG/Fame Pictures

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