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Lindsay Lohan is Sober Darn it!


Ah, this is the Lindsay Lohan I know. Look at her. She’s so on her way to a N.A. meeting, you know, to hook up with other people. She doesn’t even hear the speakers anymore. Or know that she needs to raise her hand. She’s expecting her next token any day now.

And you may be wondering what that candy is that she’s carrying…. TADA!

Ariva contains 60 percent compressed tobacco powder, but comes in the shape of a candy-like product and is packaged and marketed like a smoking cessation product. Unlike every other candy, mint or smoking cessation product, Ariva will now go unregulated by the FDA.

Ariva… tasty!

She looks totally coked out in these photos…. dang girl, slow down!

lindsaylohanoctober262007goingouttoparty1.jpg lindsaylohanoctober262007lookingnotsosober2.jpg lindsaylohanoctober262007lookingnotsosober3.jpg lindsaylohanoctober262007lookingnotsosober4.jpg