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Lindsay Lohan is just being Lindsay, Tests positive on Drug test

Self saboteur, Lindsay Lohan, who recently spent a FRACTION of her original 90 day jail sentence for DUI parole violation, has reported failed a drug test!  Oh Lindsay.

The drug test occurred “in recent days,” adds the source.

The new judge in her case, Elden Fox, previously warned Lohan that a dirty test would be met with a month jail sentence. [People]


TMZ, the ones who originally broke the story, say that LL tested positive for, wait for it…… cocaine!

And while LL and her people deny this, TMZ is sticking to their story. And in my opinion once People starts posting it, it’s almost as good as gold. Almost….

Oh Lindsay, why can’t you just walk the line instead of snorting it?

Image via FAME

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