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Lindsay Lohan is in rehab… again

Act shocked and concerned.  Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into ANOTHER rehab facility.  This marks the 5TH TIME Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab in the past 3 years!

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While some are saying she is “trying to get clean [E!]” I have a more cynical outlook on it.

It is not uncommon for people who are in trouble with the California court system to put up a good front before their court dates. (Lindsay is due BACK in court October 22 for breaking her probation by doing cocaine ). Their lawyers like to tell them it looks good to the court if you 1. go to rehab “voluntarily” prior to the court MAKING you go, 2. do volunteer work with some sort of non-profit, and finally 3. go to AA meetings and have an attendance card signed.

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. I have seen enough people try to avoid jail time for drug/alcohol offenses by doing all of the above. They will do anything besides go to jail. Not that it matters. When they DO go to jail, they’re only there for a few hours anyway. And that’s the NON-Celebs, fyi. Welcome to California, y’all!

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  1. Washington State’s a bit different. They’ll put a bitch in jaaaaaylll for givin’ the po-po the side-eye. Not me. Just tellin’ ya what I heard, yo.


    xoxo j

    • we need some of that down here.