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Lindsay Lohan is a liar, should go to jail, allegedly

Oh Lindsay.  Poor, delusional, (allegedly) lying Lindsay Lohan.   First the Icelandic volcano was keeping her from flying back to L.A. to meet her court date, and now she “loses” her passport.  Oh I’m sorry, mommy Dina said it was stolen, not lost.

“I’m exhausted. I’ve been up for the last 24 hours with Lindsay and her attorneys dealing with this, Dina Lohan told “It is true that her passport was stolen. “This was not a planned scheme. We are actively dealing with the French Embassy as we speak but unfortunately they close at a certain hour so we’re trying to get someone in a higher echelon to help us.”

“Lindsay had copies of her plane tickets on her blackberry. She has filled out an application for a new passport, we’ve filed the necessary police reports. We’re actively trying to get her home.”

Gee, that means LL cannot get on a plane and head to the U.S.A.  That means she misses her court date.  That means that if California did anything logically, she’d be going to JAIL!

Oh but it gets better… you know how Dina just said that they asked for a new passport? Yeah, um, someone should tell the embassy that.

Maryse Nebatti, the Duty Officer in Marseille for the U.S. Embassy in France, told that Lindsay reported the passport stolen but “has not requested a new passport.” {via Radar]

Lying goes hand in hand with addiction. It’s part of the high. TRUST ME on this one. I have family that just love love love to lie about everything. And then lie about lying. And they are a trainwrecks all addicted to everything and anything. You know they’re going to relapse when the lying begins.

I’m thinking that LL will go to jail. If only because of the scrutiny her case is getting in the press.

Images via Fame Pictures