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Lindsay Lohan Heads To Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has been released from Lynnwood jail 77 days early, and is now reportedly headed to UCLA rehab facility.

She is SUPPOSED to be in rehab for 90 days, but do you REALLY think she’s going to be there that long? I’m sure she’ll weasel some way to leave the grounds “for work”.  Oh, and TMZ is saying she will be getting treatment for, wait for it, METH!   If you saw her on Oprah a few years ago, you remember her lovely teeth, so I am not shocked to hear she is “allegedly” into meth.

I really cannot stand to talk about her or this issue any more.

And while some are crying “celebrity justice” just trust me, California doesn’t know how to run it’s justice system.  People who SHOULD be going to jail and staying there don’t.  It’s not just celebrities.  I don’t know how California keeps from crapping all over itself it’s so inept. I might just have to pack up the U-haul, again.

Image via BauerGriffin