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Lindsay Lohan Going to the Pokey!

Oh look over there, isn’t that my last chance?  -BusyBeeBlogger

It’s the first day of the work week… so that means, lawyers are back to work, the court house is open, and Oh, Hey! Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail!!

After admitting on twitter to failing at least one drug test since being let out of rehab EARLY, LL’s probation has been revoked and the new judge in her case has issued an arrest warrant for her.

The bench warrant is being held until 8:30 a.m. Friday when the actress, 24, is due to appear in court.[US]

Will she cry in court again on Friday when she’s due to appear? Will she say “F#ck U” again on her nails? Will she have her “passport stolen”???

Oh Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay… we were all pulling for you. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

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1 Comment

  1. Yeah i saw that… grrrrr