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Lindsay Lohan cutting herself over her jail sentence?

I am really having a difficult time feeling sorry for Lindsay Lohan. Not only is she not going to spend anywhere close to her 90 days in jail, but she may get out before August even begins! But it does tug at my little bee heart when I hear she may be cutting herself out of the stress of being in jail. The New York Post says that LL has returned (remained??) to her self destructive ways and was cutting herself.

Officials at the Los Angeles jail where she’s serving 90 days for drunken driving reportedly fear that the film star is deliberately cutting herself.

Upon arrival there, her arms bore the telltale sign of painful self-abuse, a guard said.

Her jailers are now taking special precautions to keep away from her anything that could cut skin.

“They are suitably worried to confiscate her prison-issue toiletries,” a source told the British paper The Daily Mirror. “She’s quite vulnerable.”

Girl, get your game together! There’s a point where this self harm goes from impulse to dwelling. Get out of it NOW.

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