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Lindsay Lohan Calls It An Early Night?

Lindsay Lohan playing coy with paps. Nice smirk.

Is Lindsay Lohan turning over a new leaf? Or just courting more attention?

Ms. Lohan was spotted out last night once again at the Chateau Marmont. She played coy with the paparazzi (gee how’d they get there?) as she went in for a dinner with a “mystery man”.

LL reportedly left immediately following dinner with said “mystery man” and headed straight home.

I know that Chateau Marmont is a celebrity/paparazzi magnet, so girlfriend new that cameras were going to be there. Don’t doubt it for a minute. This meeting and her subsequent dash back home was set up to be filmed.

I do wish her luck, though. She’s going to need it.

Images via MOE/Fame Pictures

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