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Lindsay Lohan Back to Court


Lindsay Lohan is back in court for her 2007 DUI! No she didn’t get another one, or fail a drug test (what drug test?) it has to do with her “alcohol education program”.

“The order for Ms. Lohan to appear is a routine thing for all DUI cases,” court spokeswoman Vania Stuelp told PEOPLE on Thursday. “We’re expecting her to be present [Friday] for a progress report.”

A law enforcement source tells PEOPLE, “It’s not that Lohan failed a drug test or anything, but it’s an issue with her alcohol education program. It’s all up to the judge Friday to determine what’s going to happen to her. The judge could extend her probation for another year.”

These pampered idiots think they don’t have to do what they’re told. If you have never been lucky enough to know someone who is selfish enough to get MULTIPLE DUIs they have to go to alcohol school. They sit in a room and talk about drinking, and driving. It’s rarely is helpful, but it’s only a few hours a week.

GET OVER YOURSELF LINDSAY. Just go to the stupid class, get your hours in, and keep your head down. It’s not that hard.

Oh and the pics are Lindsay being COMPLETELY SOBER during Paris Fashion Week.  Whatever

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