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Lindsay goes to Prom for her Bday

lindsay lohan samantha ronson on lindsays birthday

What a lucky lucky girl…. Lindsay Lohan got to go to Prom fer her 22nd Birthday last night! And she brought a date! Samantha Ronson brought LL to Teddy’s last night dressed in her own version of a tux, top hat included. LL wore a pink strapless mini with a large diamond necklace. How cute!

Teddy’s also made LL a Marilyn Monroe birthday cake, and when everyone chanted for her to give a speech after blowing out the candles the little lady, as sweet as she is had this to say

“Shut the f— up.” (Her mother, Dina, stepped in to say, “Thank you all for coming.”)

Isn’t she sweet??

The best part for me is how People reported on LL and Sam being cuddly at the party… Sam also did DJ duty, along with DJ AM.

As the party wound down, the couple appeared to relax, even sneaking in a small peck on the lips at the DJ booth. By 1:15 a.m., the music was muted and Lohan turned out the lights with Ronson by her side.

ahhhh… just like prom. In love with the DJ…

Here’s LL and Sam before prom yesterday after shopping with Samantha Ronson at XIV Karat Jewelry Store in Beverly Hills.


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