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Lily Allen asks a favor…


Lily Allen‘s new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, was released on Tuesday, and she has a little request for all of us… read on!


Ok, so I never thought I would have to write this blog. Earlier today my record company told me “its not me it’s you” (my ne w album) has a pretty good chance of going to number 1 in the US charts this week. Im currently sitting behing Alison krauss and Robert plant, who, quite rightly are sitting at no 1 . ive never had a number one album in England , never mind the US ,and all of this is a bit crazy . I could well be up for no1 here(America ) , which makes me want to cry a bit . Iv’e never begged you to buy from me ever,but I am now . this will be the only time ever in my life that this could happen for me. Help me get to no 1 , go to I tunes and download the album, you’re the only hope ive got guys. Ill love you forever.

Ps thank you to everyone who has brought me this far.

I love you alwys x

Go to tunes and download , please

iTunes USA

Amazon US

Well, don’t just sit there, go to i-tunes and do what the woman says!

Bauer Griffin