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Lilly Allen (hearts) Sam, not Lindsay

lilly allen lindsay lohan il sol

It’s nice to see people in the music industry who like each other. Lilly Allen, and Sam Ronson seem to be two of those. They even went out to dinner last night! fun! But Sam brought her “friend” Lindsay Lohan. It doesn’t seem that Lilly was digging the attention from the paps…. in fact, Lily doesn’t even mention Lindz in her myspace post, just the paps she brought along with her….

I came back to the hotel at about 7 and went straight to dinner with my number one fan and avid reader of my blog Samantha , we went to this place called Il Sole , the food ? amazing . I love truffles , big time, and they didn’t dissapoint . Samantha brought a rather famous friend with her and about 50 million paparazzi ,

And as you can see, Lindsay is LOVING the paps, and Sam is NOT… Lilly… who knows.

What would YOU do if you had dinner with a friend, and they brought the paps with them?


Sam Ronson Hiding Il Sol Lindsay Lohan Lilly Allen lindsay lohan lilly allen il sol samantha ronson lilly allen linday lohan dinner il sol

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