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Lifestyle: Throw A Brunch Without The Stress

Brunch tabletop Do Brunch without Losing Your Mind

Let’s do brunch!  Oh don’t worry, setting up a brunch your friends will enjoy and you won’t fret too much over isn’t that difficult.   Trust me on this one, you will do minimal shopping if you just think about what you have already.

When I ask friends to join me in the trailer-hood, I have a few things to keep in mind.

There should be:

1. something sweet
2. something savory
3. cocktails
4. coffee/tea

This goes for evening entertaining as well as weekend brunch.  It is a simple party menu planning formula and you have everything you need already in the fridge or pantry.

Sugar Bowl Bakery Sweets

Something Sweet 

As a good hostess in waiting, I tend to buy things that are ready to go even if I am not planning a party. I get my favorite go to pastry/dessert that pleases everyone come from the store.  Sugar Bowl Bakery makes petite brownies, Madeleines and petite palmiers (my personal favorite).  Having this smaller bite sized desserts on hand make for a great start in throwing a cocktail party, brunch, or even tea for friends.  And no on has to know you didn’t make them.

Search your fridge for fruit, too. Whatever you have will work. Luckily, right outside my door I have citrus trees, so if I need to I can just walk out there and pick a few. Slice up your oranges, apples, grapes, kiwi you were meaning to eat, cucumbers, or pears and lay them on a few small plates around the table.

If you want to cook – you could do muffins, Stuffed Maple Bourbon French Toast, or mini pancakes.

maple bourbon bacon

Something Savory

To balance the sweet, you need a little savory. Again go to the fridge. Pull out all of the cheese you have buried in there. Bleu, cheddar, Swiss, brie, Parmesan, even American slices. They can be in blocks or already shredded, but the shredded will be less versatile. You can lay all of these out on a big plate, or decorative platter, with a few knives to help with slicing. Don’t fuss too much with these, just put them out.

Also, check the fridge for any deli meats you have. Sliced ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni, prosciutto all work well. Again, if you don’t plan on cooking I would display these with a little more style than you did the cheese. Even if you just roll them up and then place them on the plate, that would be lovely.

If you want to cook – Eggs and brunch are synonymous with each other. You can do a quick easy drunken quiche, bacon, or quick easy scrambled eggs with the meats and cheeses thrown in to make a tasty dish.

Want more of a lunch inspired brunch? Why not use the maple and bourbon bacon on BLTs? These are EASY sandwiches and you don’t really need to do much work with them. I’m all about convenient.

Cocktail Sobieski Orange Vodka Screwdriver Martini

New Brunch Cocktails

Mocktails, or cocktails, either way they define brunch for this Southern California pinup. Drinking before noon just isn’t in the cards on a work day.

Usually you need a fruit juice base, and then add some sort of spirit. I like to add some fizz, it is a fun occasion after all. The Screwdriver Martini, Blushing Bubbly, Spicy Mimosa, and Lemon Sparkler are all great choices for fun, fruit based cocktails.





Always have a pot of coffee brewed for you guests when they arrive. I like to have a carafe of hot water and a variety of teas out, too, for those that don’t drink coffee.

coffee bar and dessert table









You can keep it simple with sugar, and cream laid out, or if you are having more of a party than a laid back girls brunch, I would lay out a make your own coffee bar. These are especially great for the cooler months, and the winter holidays. There are a ton of DIY coffee bar recipes here.

As for decor, that is even easier than the food! I have a variety of dishes, and vintage glass bowls that I collect. You can take fruit, flowers, or even just greenery and place it in the bowls around the room. It’s a great excuse to break out the things you rarely use, or bought and just don’t know how to use. I am lucky that I have citrus trees outside my front door, so I just grab branches and fruit and put them in the bowls. Again, use what you have!

Now invite your friends over for next weekend’s brunch. You’ve got it handled.

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  1. Well that definitely looks stress free to me!

  2. I totally love your cocktails. You should do a book.

  3. Look at that bottle of booze sitting on the table. lol

  4. There’s always less stress with an entire bottle of booze, haha!!

    • I make sure my guests are happy

  5. The picture of that bacon is making me hungry, I think bacon is my favorite food ever!