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Levi Leipheimer out of Tour de France – VIDEO

levi leipheimer broken wrist tour de france

THIS SUCKS!  Ok now I have that out of the way.

Astana rider, Levi Leipheimer has broken the scaphoid in his right wrist in yesterday’s ride.  So he was out of the Tour de France as of today.

I found this out at about 3 AM this morning (yes I was awake), on Twitter.  Yes twitter.  Astana, Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Johan Bruyneel, Team Columbia’s George Hincapie, and even Astana’s chef Duffy, all sent messages out at about the same time.

At least we got some cool pics of his surgery.  They didn’t waste any time getting him in that’s for sure.

It’s just such a bummer.  He more than likely would have taken a podium at the end of the race.

Video of Levi, Lance and Johan Bruyneel at the JUMP! Try not to be distracted by the Bordello that they’re staying in.

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Pics via Levi Leipheimer , Lance Armstrong and Team Astana