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Let's talk Gaga

See, I’m being artistic and shocking.

Oh I don’t even know where to start with this video for Alejandro.  I will start with this, I was disappointed.  I mean, it was beautifully shot, and it had potential, but the Haus of Gaga fell short this time.

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Let’s just start with the obvious, the religious iconography.  Gaga was featured pulling a rosary out of her mouth while dressed in a red latex nun’s habit?  Wearing another robe with inverted crossed emblazoned on it, including over her hoohaa? And don’t even get be started on the Star Of David that was prominently featured at the beginning and end. It’s not shocking, it’s lazy.

Oh Gaga, really?

Oh gaga, it’s so easy to go to the “church” for “art’s sake” or to be “shocking”.  It’s not original or shocking anymore.  In fact, it’s so played out many of my former students only knew the icons from “shocking” artwork, not from the church.  I am so tired of seeing “artists” using Iconography in their work.  DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL!

Religious Iconography? Or statement on those who hate inter racial relationships?

In 1989 when Madonna was rolling around with a come to life saint, and being struck with stigmata in her Like A Prayer video it WAS shocking.  Pepsi even pulled her commercial because if it. (well, THAT and her use of burning crosses in the same video, but those were more in regards to the interracial relationship portrayed in the video, not religion). Speaking of Madonna, Gaga’s use of “Express yourself” imagery was obvious.  The men working out in the yard being watched from above, the military-esque theme.

Captive men doing push ups in a yard while being watched, Madonna Express Yourself

Captive men doing push ups in a concrete yard while being watched, Lady Gaga Alejandro

Then there was the heart.  The bleeding pierced heart that was being paraded in front of a funeral procession. I give you Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black.

Amy Winehouse leading her heart to be buried

Lady Gaga leading her heart to be buried

And then there was a blatantly sexual imagery.  Gaga once said that she would rather be weird than overtly sexy.  Unfortunately, Gaga went with uninteresting, and overly sexual.

All in all, this video WAS beautifully shot, but her use of blatant sex imagery, and religious iconography in a irreverent way, was more than disappointing. I’d rather see her dressed up as Alien or covered in blood on stage.  But that’s just me.

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