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Lavender Enlightenment Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Lavender Enlightenment Cocktail Recipe Hangar1  vodka

I have a weakness for lemon cocktail recipes. Living in Southern California, all I have to do to get a little lemon for my drink is to walk outside and pick it off of my own tree and add them to my cocktail recipe of choice. Not a bad deal. I love the tangy citrus taste and the lemon vodka cocktails just taste so good during the summer in the heat.

I recently found a new vodka and a new lemon cocktail recipe. Hangar One Vodka is based in Alameda, near San Francisco, CA and we are all about the California love here at Busy Bee Blogger.

The Lavender Enlightenment cocktail brings lemon together with lavender. This is a vodka cocktail that you have when you really want to enjoy yourself and just relax. The lavender brings on the calm and the lemon scent has been known to balance out energy and emotions.

Channel your inner peace with this simple and bright spring cocktail courtesy of Hangar One Vodka. For best results, use a sprig of lavender from your garden, and some nectar from the local neighborhood honeybees. See the recipe for this a delightful seasonal sip below.

2 oz. Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka
3/4 oz. lavender honey syrup*
3/4 oz. lemon bianco vermouth
Garnish with fresh lavender

Method: Shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with fresh lavender.
*To make lavender honey syrup, combine equal parts lavender honey and hot water.

You can always use this cocktail as an excuse to visit your local farmers market. We have these all week long in Southern California and you are almost certain to find lemons and lavender there somewhere. Or plant the lavender in your yard and have this ready all year long. You’ll be the queen of enlightenment, so calm that Buddha will be jealous.


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