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Last Night's Californication Hank's Letter To Becca VIDEO

On last night’s Californication…. 1/16/11

Hank is having a hard time with life. Isn’t he always? But most of all, he misses his daughter Becca. To put it short

“She hates me”

And he’s right. Hank has been a poor father, and example of men for Becca for years now. It is true that he loves her, but rarely has he ever put Becca before his fleeting desires. How many times have we heard Becca say “Why is there a naked woman in my bedroom”???

So, after realizing he has become the problem for Becca, and not the hero he so wants to be, Hank sat down to write a litter to his daughter. Fueled with alcohol and pills. While hearing his “write” his love for his daughter broke my heart, I have to say “Sorry, Hank, but it doesn’t count unless you can to it sober. ”

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Images via Bauer Griffin

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