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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts (that she’ll actually like)

Affordable last minute mother's day gifts

Last Minute Gifts For Mom

Did you just look at the calendar, realize that Mother’s Day is this weekend, and swear a little? Or a lot? We have you covered in the emergency gift for mom department. She won’t even know that you bought it in a panic!

Why are moms so difficult to shop for on Mother’s Day? It could be that now that you’re an adult, the finger paint “luvs u mom” isn’t going to cut it any more. She also doesn’t need any more clutter that doesn’t bring joy to her home. She’s got things to do, places to go and life to live, but she has time for you, of course. So give her a gift that a fellow grown up can appreciate!

If you decide to give your mom a gift this Sunday, it shouldn’t have to be over the top, or expensive.  Just something that might bring a little smile.

Mothers day Flower bouquet

Classic Gift – Flowers Delivered

Flowers are the perfect gift for mom and choosing the right Mother’s Day bouquet is easy. They add some color to her office, or home and she gets to think of you every time she sees them.  You can go simple, extravagant, or even add some chocolates or a balloon to make them a little more festive. Does Mom like a specific flower? Go off the menu and choose what she really likes, it’s ok!  Some of the staff here in the office are partial to a small grouping of carnations. If you’re not sure what she’d like, just pick one of the Mother’s Day specific bouquets available. Super easy.

Bellabeat leaf health tracker in rose gold

Keep Mom Moving

The only thing wrong with most wellness trackers, is that they are ugly. Sure, they’re functional, you get your steps counted and sometimes your sleep recorded but you wouldn’t want to wear it out to a business meeting, or a date! Get mom a little glam for her fitness. The Bellabeat Leaf is a a health tracker for women, and it looks like jewelry. (Editor’s note – I wear mine every day, and get compliments all of the time. No one realizes that it’s a fitness tracker) Mom can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or out of sight clipped onto her waistband. Not only does it track steps, and have a range of exercise you can enter (cleaning the house counts on this tracker), but she can track her sleep patterns and stress levels. Who’s the best kid ever? You are!

A Place Of Yes Bethenny Frankel

Business Motivation

Mom is a mover and shaker, but sometimes even she gets into a little bit of a slump. A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life is a fantastic, and fast, read for a little extra motivation. It’s filled with useful tips on business and getting your hustle back.

LiveTrends Copper Elegance Succulent

On Trend Mom

Mom’s always on trend but not trendy? Get her a few succulents in copper planters to keep on her desk. Even if she has a black thumb, like us, her space can still look on point and fabulous. The best part about this gift, it’s at Target and you can order it for free order pickup online. Grab it on the way home from work! What a thoughtful gift. Done and done!

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