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Last Minute Gift Guide: Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang and Style

Parisienne French Book Cover

Gift for, girlie girl, fashionista, Francophile, language lover, foreign movie buff.

I am an unapologetic Francophile. I love all things French or Parisienne. There may or may not be an architectural drawing of the Eiffel Tower on my wall.

My new favorite book is Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang and Style. Not only does Rhianna Jones give you pronunciation tips like any other language book, but she goes into the real life of those from The City Of Lights.

There are tips for eating (there should be bread, and don’t forget to ask if there isn’t any), shopping, fashion, museums, and the ever important flirting. While the formal style is speaking, I appreciate the slang as well since you will need to know what others are saying to you as well as when to say back. Why not sound like you belong there?

There are even sections for gossip and texting! Things you would not find in your high school language book for sure.

This book is a perfect gift for anyone planning a trip to Paris, wants to learn French just for fun, foreign movie lover, or basic Francophile like myself.

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  1. Le freak, c’est chic.

  2. OMG love it!

  3. Love this! What a great idea for a travel language guide.

  4. This looks like a great gift

  5. What a great and thoughtful gift

  6. It’s a daily inspiration guide. keep those hips wiggling.