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Last day of Fresh

Fresh Diet Cheese Cake with chocolate chips

This is a sad day for BusyBeeBlogger.  It’s the last day for The Fresh Diet :-(   BUT at least I get some of my most favorite TFD items as a send off!  A few of which I have written about here before.


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Breaded chicken with an apricot stuffing, kale and brocoflower.

I really love having my meals delivered by The Fresh Diet. Love Love Love. I know they’re going to be healthy, and the calories are taken care of. And now that I know just what I really like from the meals, I can order my favorites, like oatmeal cookies, salads with walnuts and blue cheese, and my breakfast favorite of fruit salads.

I think what I really like is knowing someone is taking care of ME! I work 3 jobs, and when I’m hungry, that’s it. Game over. I usually just rummage through the cabinets, and end up with ramen or cereal. The Fresh Diet takes my stress level down a notch, or ten letting me concentrate on work and real life, not worrying about where my next meal is coming from. And I can take the meals with me since they come in a nifty cooler!

Thank you again Fresh Diet!!! Please visit them and see if they deliver in YOUR area. It’s so worth it.

And below are all of my meals from today… click away!