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Larry not the Daddy?


OK! Magazine has reportedly pulled out of covering Dannielynn’s 1st birthday extravaganza.

And they were kind of cryptic about what in the world is going on. It sounds like Larry Birkhead (DNA daddy) and Howard Stern (wierd lawyer) are in kahootz about something…. I wonder what it is. Is Larry not the daddy? Is Dannielynn not Dannielynn? Was Anna Nicole ever pregnant? I know, I’m stretching here….

“OK! Magazine has uncovered explosive allegations regarding Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and baby Danielynn, prompting the magazine to cancel our exclusive coverage of Danielynn’s first birthday party. OK! has been with Daniellynn since birth — bringing to the world her first meeting with her biological father and first Father’s Day. In keeping with that tradition, we very much looked forward to showing you her first birthday. However, the newly-obtained allegations are detailed, shocking and potentially incriminating. Furthermore, it makes it impossible for OK!, in good conscience, to promote this family’s highly questionable relationship in our pages. Next week’s issue of OK! will bring all of the unfortunate, relevant details to light.”

Furthermore from OK! editor-in-chief Sarah Ivens:

“It breaks my heart that OK! has to pull out of a shoot that would have chronicled the next great chapter of Dannielynn’s life. That sort of celebration is what the magazine enjoys most. But first and foremost, we — and I — care dearly about the well-being of the young one, and my moral obligation lies with her. So, it’s unfortunate, but at the moment, my biggest fear is that Larry and Howard may have tricked us all.

Tricked us all?!?!?!? What in the WORLD is going on here?!

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