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Lance Armstrong's girlfriend is pregnant

lance armstrong nyc 2008

That’s right!   The man who lost one testicle, who had to have his little swimmers frozer before the chemo and radiation, because they kill your ability to make NEW swimmers, has a girlfriend, Anna Hansen, who is expecting in June.  Now, CNN is saying that it’s Lance Armstrong’s baby…. but um…. yeah.  Can I be one to call for the BS possibility on this one?

I know, I know.  Lance is like a super human demi-god, whose body is our of control and fantastic, but um, this seems really unlikely.  Yeah that’s right, I think that his one chemo/radiation attacked testicle could make anything more than sitting on a bike uncomfortable.

I’m such a hater.  But this story reminds me of the ones you always hear of the girl who has the fling on the side, and tells her more successful boyfriend that it’s his.

I’m just sayin’

And this is NOT the distraction he needs now that he’s back on the cycling circuit… especially with said baby due in June and the Tour De France being in JULY!!!!!!!!!!!


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1 Comment

  1. Dump her Lance!!!