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Lance Armstrong is in NYC

Lance Armstrong NYC

The Livestrong Army has hit NYC this weekend for the New York Marathon. No word really, if Lance Armstrong will be running again this year, though. But judging by his late night party going last night (Friday, October 30) I’d say it’s not that likely.

Lance’s BFF Matthew McConaughey has also been spotted in NYC this week. I wonder if the two Texans will be hooking horns at some point. :-)

I wouldn’t count on any Lance and former fling, Kate Hudson sightings though. I’m just sayin’.

BTW I highly suggest that if you want to follow Lance, livestrong and livestrong’s CEO you get yourself a twitter account. They have been sending photos of their hotel rooms, as well as meetings that have been happening since they touched down in NYC.

CWNY/Fame Pictures

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