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Lance Armstrong does it again…

And this time, it’s not winning another race!  Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, TESTICULAR cancer survivor is going to be a father for the 5TH TIME!!!!

@LanceArmstrong Getting ?’s today about someone I’m following, a certain @Cincoarmstrong. What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!

According to “cinco”‘s twitter, s/he is due in October (just in time for the Ironman). And they already have names picked out: James or Olivia!

Lance already has 4 children. Oldest son Luke, twin daughters Isabelle and Grace (with ex-wife Kristin) and baby Max (with girlfriend Anna Hansen)

It’s amazing! Not just considering how Lance thought he would never be able to have kids after his treatment, but he’s been away from girlfriend Anna so much lately due to work. I guess they really are lucky.

Congratulations to Lance and his girlfriend Anna.

Quote via Lance Armstrong twitter

1 Comment

  1. Wow. Bad ass much?

    xoxo j