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Lady Gaga doesn't lip sync in Sydney


Hold on Australia, Lady Gaga took her sparkly toilet brush show on in Sydney!   Girlfriend knows one thing for sure, how to put on a show.   Don’t you worry though, no matter how physical she gets on stage, she will never lip sync.

She says, “I would never even think about it (lip syncing). The whole point to me is, if you’re gonna be number one, you better really be f***ing number one. If you’re gonna be on top, you better be able to do all those things, because it’s a real privilege to be able to make music everyday, and I get away with a lot.

“Andy Warhol says art is what you can get away with, and I get away with a lot with my music and my clothes, and I work really hard so I could truly be a real artist for all my fans.That’s really f***ed up when you lip-synch.”

That’s awfully refreshing to hear.  I mean, when was the last time you went to a pop concert and they actually sang?  The whole show?

More of Lady Gaga posing and rockin’ in Sydney below.


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