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Lady Gaga Asked Boy George to sign her 'teacup'

Lady Gaga David LaChapelle sparksWow it looks dangerous!

When queens collide it’s usually a time to get out the camera, sit back and enjoy. Recently, Lady Gaga and Boy George met for a few minutes backstage at one of HIS shows. (wait, Boy George performs still?)

“It was very brief when I met her. There were a lot of people in the room; it was all a bit chaotic,” George told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror tabloid about the incident. [via msn]

“I haven’t been around that kind of circus in years! I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ You know, I’ve been that woman!

“So it was very interesting to be on the outside looking in. She was very sweet. She asked me to sign her vagina.”

You could tell me Gaga adopted an armadillo and is now going to marry it, I would believe it. So, the idea of her asking BG to sign her hoo-haw is not a shock. I am almost surprised BG talked about it though. I guess he wants press, any way he can get it.

Images from David LaChapelle’s site

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