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Kyra Sedgewick Returns in The Closer [VIDEO & Pics]

closer, Kyra Sedgwick, tntcloser, Kyra Sedgwick, tntcloser, Kyra Sedgwick, tnt

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She’s back and you’ll get hooked. Kyra Sedgewick returns in her role as Brenda Johnson in TNT’s The Closer. It’s going to be a year of change for Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and her Major Crimes unit as TNT’s THE CLOSER returns for its fifth season. Just as Brenda starts adjusting to married life, she loses someone very dear to her.

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In addition, the intra-office conflict between Sgt. Gabriel and Det. Daniels is resolved for good and another squad member goes through a complete attitude change after falling in love. The economy forces one of Brenda’s detectives to take a second job, while the fatal shooting of a suspect leads to career complications for another. Even through the changes, Brenda and her Major Crimes unit will be hard at work tracking down some of Los Angeles’ toughest criminals. This year they’ll tackle such cases as the possible kidnapping of a corrupt financier, a multiple homicide involving a family, the killing of a security guard at a gang rehabilitation center and the shooting death of a white supremacist.

I think my favorite quirk of her’s (beside the devouring of candy) is the “Thank you” that she uses when she really means “why don’t you just go on and die”. I use it on a weekly if not daily basis. You just have to do it with the sweetest smile you can handle. Trust me, it works. :-) Episodes start up again December 6th on TNT.

closer, Kyra Sedgwick, tnt closer, Kyra Sedgwick, tntcloser, Kyra Sedgwick, tnt