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Kristin Davis Lucky & Happy about Sex and the City Movie


When she’s not out saving the world, or working on her clothing line, Kristin Davis is attending The First Ladies Of Africa Health Summit In Beverly Hills, CA.  Oh, and talking about the upcoming Sex and the City Movie Sequel.  She was asked about the upcoming film at the summit last night.

“We’re so spread out right now — it’s mostly e-mail. We’re very excited,” she told Us at the First Ladies of Africa Health Summit in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. “Sarah’s[Jessica Parker] working on another movie right now, Cynthia [Nixon] is still doing her play — we’re all kind of spread out. But we’ll be back together soon.”

As for what might happen in the new movie?

“I had a child last time, so now I’ll have two, and we’lll have to see what that’s like for her,” Kristin Davis tells “You never know!”

“I know the ideas, but, you know. I can’t tell you the ideas,” she teases Us. “But I know the ideas overall, and it’s very, very exciting. And any time we get to work together, we’re so lucky and so happy.”

Yes you are very lucky Kristin.  But it’s too bad your character died in a pool on Melrose Place, beacuse you could show up and teach the new kidlets how it’s done ;-)

Here are more pics of Kristin Davis at the First Ladies Of Africa Health Summit In Beverly Hills, CA last night.

Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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