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Kraft Recipe Makers: Tex-Mex Fajita For Dinner #RecipeMakers

I am always on the hunt for something that is going to make my dinner time easier, but still tastes good. The other day, I tried the new Kraft Recipe Makers: Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita mix. And it really was new and tasty.


When in the store, I went to Vons near my house, you can find the Kraft Recipe Makers in two places; in the meat department shelved on racks on or near the refrigerated meat coolers, or in the “Meal Starters” Section. This section is in the aisle nearest the meat department. The product will be shelved among other meal starter solutions like Campbell’s Skillet Sauces, Progresso Recipe Starters, Safeway Simmer Sauces, etc. I found my Kraft Recipe Makers next to the BBQ sauces.

box of kraft recipe makers tex mex chicken fajita

There are seven different flavors that the Kraft Recipe Makers come in. But there were only three on the shelf at my Vons. So, while I was hoping to get the sweet and sour kit, to make a beef dinner, they didn’t have it. So I snatched up the Tex-Mex Fajita kit and away I went.

Kraft Recipe Makers are combinations of two savory sauces that along with your fresh ingredients make one of three fabulous dishes. The Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita kit has a zesty lime fajita simmer sauce and a chipoltle and tomato salsa. You can make the Recipe Makers dishes in  one of three ways: slow cooker, skillet or oven. The recipe for my Tex-Mex Fajita was meant for a skillet.



I decided to use the beef steak I had already picked up for the sweet and sour dish instead of chicken.  Then I added rice, and sliced bell peppers I had in the freezer.   I really like making dinner like this. There is no wrong way to cook with these kits.  I just look around the kitchen and see what is suggested.

The simmering sauce really was tangy. Once I added the shredded cheese to the dish the zesty sauce mellowed out a bit. This might be a great addition if you have picky eaters. I like the dish without the cheese, too, but kids or picky roommates might like it better that way. Or with some sour cream. That was good, too.


This made more than enough for two of use to have this dinner and dinner again a few nights later. (There might even be enough for my lunch this afternoon as well)

All in all this was easy and tasted good, and was convenient. I like the new flavor combination of adding the lime simmer sauce. It wasn’t just another expected Tex-Mex combination. I am even more interested in how the Sweet & Sour recipe maker kit would be for dinner now.


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  1. Looks simple enough, and now there’s something besides hamburger helper to choose from. Hope it was good!

  2. Kraft now is destroying Mexican food?

  3. Looks super yummy!!

  4. I love Kraft produts I must try this out, thanks for posting..

  5. This looks absolutely delicious

  6. I would kill for some of this right now!