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Knocked Up?!?!

Jennifer Love Hewiit bikini pictures pregnant

What in the world is it with these Hollywood people getting pregnant!?!?!

I’m so happy I don’t like there. Because you know it’s the air, or the water, or something in the Starbucks. I vote Starbucks.

Ok so Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly pregnant, knocked up, expecting, “in trouble”.


Ok so here’s the scoop

The star of “Ghost Whisperer” is said to be expecting her first baby with fiancĂ© Ross McCall in June.
A source said: “Jennifer was shocked, but at the same time she was ecstatic with the news.

“It wasn’t planned, but now that it’s happened Jennifer and Ross are both very happy.”

Jennifer, 28, allegedly discovered she was pregnant the week before Thanksgiving in November, around the same time ‘Band of Brothers’ actor Ross proposed.

So that’s why she’s put on the butt weight. I mean, she’s a cute “Size 2” but shes got a giggly boody.

She should have just told everyone she’s preggers. That would have made everyone look stupid. :-) Afterall, making fun a pregnant woman only makes you look stupid, sometimes ;-)